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Arion Bestsellers

Handmade Design Jewelry Sourced Responsibly

어서와 / Welcome
Arion Jewelry is a Korean design jewelry label based in Vienna.
We are your East meets West jewelry dream destination.
Have fun scrolling though our collections to see the most exciting jewelry trends of both worlds! 

Unique jewelry at best quality!

Arion Collections

Geometric Collection

The Geometric Collection speaks for itself. Shape-inspired jewelry items are definitely in trend but it is safe to say that they are timeless pieces because our beautiful world is made up of geometric shapes.

Minimalism Collection

In our Minimalism Collection you will find staple jewelry pieces with understated details that cater to your everyday needs. Oftentimes keeping it simple is the best way to be chic. Minimal effort, big impact.

Playful Collection

Look through our Playful Collection to select some unique jewelry items that fit for varying occasions. We have got you equally covered for a romantic date, a fun girls' night out or even a lazy day on the beach. 


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