Arion Jewelry

your East meets West dream jewelry destination

Natalie and Roxy, the two Viennese founders with both European and Asian backgrounds have decided to join forces and create Arion Jewelry after having spent some time in Seoul, South Korea in late 2016.

Seoul is the fashion capital in Asia and one of the hottest fashion cities in the world. Fashion in Seoul moves fast and is very trend-driven. Inspired by this fashion forward attitude, the founders felt the need to capture the best available trends and make them last longer with their own jewelry brand. And thus Arion Jewelry was born after they returned to their hometown Vienna.

Vienna on the other hand is one of the most charming cities in Europe which moves slowly to its own leisurely pace. Natalie and Roxy have both grown up here and know that most people love fashion and design but oftentimes have a very timid approach towards trying out the newest fashion trends. Especially when it comes to jewelry, hence the rise of dainty barely there jewelry styles.

The Arion Jewelry signature style is dainty, cool and playful at the same time. Think of Arion Jewelry as European minimalism crossing paths with Asian playfulness, bringing the best of both worlds together. <3